Best One Yet

One of my favorite people here is having a baby next month.
This gal is not only a great friend, she accompanies for my ward choir too. And although I really try to keep my singers in mind when picking music (nothing too complicated, Michelle!), I rarely think about the accompaniment (my blind spot, for sure), which means Kellye has an occasional mountain to climb, prep-wise. And she does it time after time, which makes her so so special to me. She had to get a quilt.
I showed her four or five pieces of fabric when I returned from Utah; she chose the color-spectrum panel in the middle there. Alison Glass, ex-libris. Colors so amazingly saturated and beautiful, this was a JOY to put together.
 I did a nine-patch on the back and I'm so happy how it turned out. Backs can be tricky--I definitely wanted this to look deliberate, not hap-hazard. Also, I embroidered a little "For 'L,' 2015" (still trying to avoid writing full names of other kiddos here, just in case) on the yellow. And a little flower. Cute.
 Also cute: my quilt holder. Thanks as always, Annie.
 Here's an inside shot, after it went through the washer and dryer. Gotta love the crinkle!
 I hand quilted randomly about 2/3 of the triangles, and couldn't resist outlining some of the beautiful little creatures in that middle panel.  

 A little closer look:
I know my color-happy friend will love wrapping her sweet baby in this bright rainbow. It's my favorite to date, for sure.


ash said…
Oh my goodness! This is so beautiful!
walt or jean said…
Lots of love in that work of art.
Dashley said…
I love this quilt Michelle!!!!!!!!!!