8th Birthday Party

Annie really wanted a friend birthday party this year. We bribed Zane out of one with his mountain bike (and many subsequent bike rides with his pops), but Annie wasn't to be deterred. I put off inviting as long as possible, partly because I'm a procrastinator, partly because I don't like to bug people, partly because I don't know how to use those fancy online invite sites and didn't want to hand print either. Finally, a few days prior to Saturday I sent an email plea to about 10 friends: "Can anyone come over for a play date/party Saturday?" Well, wouldn't you know, most of them could! And did! 
 Seven girls, one boy, our favorite from across the street. Em, Annie thinks she might marry this boy one day. If so, she takes your Damjanovich and raises you a Gediklogu.
We had sidewalk chalk outside while everyone arrived, then went in for games. This is how great we are at planning: as I'm welcoming guests, Brandon is inside cutting and pasting to make our "pin the cherry on the cupcake" game. And let me tell you, it was cute! No picture, but you can see the sleep mask blindfold made its way to the next activity: cupcake decorating!
 I had a certain vision for what the pretty cupcakes would look like. Something like this:

We made the older brothers eat these, while everyone else poured on the sprinkles and frosting.

Somewhere in there I remembered a candle and a song. Annie was a little too enthusiastic in her exhaling though, blew it out with her nose before she even realized it.
 Maybe that's why she wanted 7 candles instead of one!
 After cake and presents, the kids spent the rest of the party playing, first inside then out.
Leaf gathering, battling, and jumping abound.
Happy birthday, our happy Anniegirl. Party, check!


ash said…
Happy Birthday, Annie girl. You are one of our favorite people on Planet Earth. So happy you had such a special day!
Dashley said…
I love her "I just blew out my candle with my nose" face! :)