Swinging at Dusk

I  was looking out my back kitchen window the other night during dinner prep and I spotted a chance at magic. That sun shining down on those happy silhouettes, that baby boy's crying in such great juxtaposition to the glee taking place in front of him: I couldn't stay away.
The first picture below included the flash, by accident, but in this case I think it worked out!
 Oh, the magic of capturing everyday life. This was an ordinary moment! But oh, those trees. I love South Carolina for its trees. And those kiddos. I appreciate experiencing the world (in ALL its ups and downs) through their eyes.
Now don't worry, right after catching my Annie's happiness, I consoled the weeper (he wanted a turn!), continuing the photo shoot without the flash, so the color is a bit different. And well, I almost consoled the weeper. He wasn't so sure about the sit method. 
It was remedied. All was well once again. 
Happiness restored, moment remembered, happy sighs from this lady.
Now if only when I went back inside, dinner had magically appeared on the table!


ash said…
Such a shame the dinner fairies were unable to fulfill your wish. Love to see you in that fabulous, tree filled backyard!
walt or jean said…
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walt or jean said…
Great photography. You caught the magic of the moment. Love you guys.