Sugar Creek Triathlon

I'm so proud of my kiddos today! This morning Zane and Annie both participated in the Sugar Creek Triathlon--Zane swam 100 meters, biked 4 miles, and ran 1.3 miles; Annie did the "sprint" option, swimming 25 meters, biking 1 mile, and running a little less than 1/2 mile.
Did I mention how proud I am of these kids?
We'll start with Zane. They had all the kids jump into the water one at a time to start, thank goodness. Made for less chaos and better photo ops all around (B took most of these pictures btw. You can tell because the main subjects are actually in focus): 
Zane wished the swim part was longer. He would have liked more advantage there. To tell the truth, I think it took him longer to put his socks on before the bike than any extra seconds he might have acquired. He understands now why some triathletes go sockless.
 Four miles of biking takes longer than I want it to! But soon enough, he came huffing and puffing back up the course. Breath in, breath out, go Zaneman!
 Then the run! Again 1.3 miles takes longer than the parent spectators want! I was glad he was running so he didn't have to be nervous like me.
 And DONE! What a stud.
Soren (and tongue) looked on adoringly, as per usual.
Then it was Annie's turn. Actually, we are proud to know both of the cute ladies in focus (near and far) below. Inspiring, both of them:
Annie's turn came and she was off! Check out those warrior (ballet) muscles!
Annie was so funny. Before the race she kept saying, "It's NOT a race, right?" And we'd have to reply with, "Of course not! We just want to you finish and have fun!" But when the whistle blew, it was GAME ON. She swam faster than we've ever seen her, she RAN out of the pool and into the transition area, she scooted RIGHT into her shoes (and socks, don't tell Z), and hollered as she took off on her bike, "I'm not worrying about shorts this time!" Well, all right!
 I got to run with her for her last leg of the race. She BURST out of the bike area, passed me up....then struggled. Had some water, walked just a bit. Then we picked it back up again and talked about long legs and stop signs and the chick-fil-a cow waiting at the end (I didn't remind her that he used to scare the bejeebers out of her). As you can see, she was all smiles as she crossed that finish line. GO ANNIE!
 I'll admit, she got her ice pop, plopped on the ground, and wept. Said she was never doing anything like that again. But as the day progressed, her comments became increasingly more positive. The participatory medal helped, folks. I now believe in the power of the participatory medal. Her most recent statement: "Maybe I'll try again....but not until NEXT YEAR!"
What a gal.
I love these brave children! It has been a good day!


walt or jean said…
Congratulations! We are so proud of you!
ash said…
Hooray Zane and Annie! You are both so much tougher than I am!

I must admit that I laughed at the end of Annie's story. What a girl.
Tina said…
Wow Wow Wow! Your kids are athletes! (Who knew? ;)
Maria said…
Amazing and inspiring! Such awesome kids! (And great parents for providing the opportunities!)
wyomingmom said…
WOW Way to go super grandkids.