At whom do you think this little monkey is laughing, below?
You guessed it: himself. Here he was watching a few videos of himself from Z's party the other night,
when he was enjoying the cake like nobody's business. Spontaneously, he said one of my favorite things he says right now, "Mmmmmm, deeeeeee-wish-us!"
Oh man, it is some of his best material. Except, after he says it once, he won't say it again for awhile, that's why I can never get it on video. That night, though, I pressed. This is what I got (hint: Soren the HULK):
Heavens! And then:
Oh these videos make him laugh and laugh. I'll still try for the spontaneous option.
Most other Sorenisms these days come from his obsession with Mario Bros, more specifically Mario Kart, most specifically Luigi:
  • While holding the remote/believing he is playing, he yells things like "Boom shocka-wocka!" "Hoey moey!" and "Stinky blue teamers!" (He doesn't like the blue team, for some reason. If you are walking out of the gym in a blue t-shirt and we pass you, he will accuse you of being a stinky blue teamer! If you are at our table at dinnertime, you will hear him pray for the stinky blue teamers! Pray for your enemies!)  
  • When we are driving around town, my backseat driver yells, "Pass dat car Mom! Pass dat car!" 
  • He has renamed Zane Mario, Annie Daisy, Mom Peach (you a big peach, mom!) and Pops Toad. He prefers the pseudonyms. "Oh, hi Daisy...where's Mario?"
Day to day he's my little buddy and I sure enjoy him! We are about to begin preschool music together again and not only does he ask about it every day, he also tells me, "You da bess teacher, Mom." Worth it!
Last but not least, after an enjoyable game of hide and seek in the yard with Pops and the big kids, Soren told B, "You make me happy."
Happy sighs. Deeee--wish--us!
(ps: happy shout out to my friend Ashley for the light scoop gift which allowed that first flash picture of Soren to look not-so-flashy! Love you, lady!) 


ash said…
I sure miss that little buddy. He is totally de-wish-us. Happy about the lightscoop, friend! Love you back.