More Outside Fun

Blogging these days includes both the iphone camera and real camera, which you wouldn't think would make a whole bunch of frustrating difference, but it DOES. I just wrote a whole paragraph about the ridiculousness of such things, but it was dull and painful, so I erased the whole thing. You're welcome! Instead, here are some out-of-order moments of fun. (Sorry Logan part 2!) Swimming pools and painting (nails and canvas) and baseball (and roller coasters), oh my!
 (Sleepy Asher photo bomb above, am I right?)
(artist grandpa)
Poor Soren, he's sitting here with me, looking at pictures while I type. "Peas, we go back a Gigi's house? Peas?! PEAS?!


ash said…
Dear Walt,
If you ever run out of space on your walls for these masterpieces bring them to Logan. We'd gladly take anything off your hands!

Peas you come back to Logan? PEAS?