You know how sometimes you move to a new place (3 years ago) and some things continue to daze and amaze you every time you witness them?
In SC, it's floating leaves. Gets me every time.
Lots of leaves + lots of spider webs (let's not talk about what lots of spider webs means) = leaves seemingly floating in mid-air, often.
Totally freaks me out.
And now look, I'm not the only one.
 Soren found this the other day and had to come find me. "Mom! The weef is fwoating at me!"
Totally freaked him out too.
After the obligatory "cheese," I saw what he really wanted to do about this feat of nature.
 Aim AND........FIRE!
"Take dat you WEEF!"


ash said…
I saw the first picture and thought you had caught this incredible shot! That's how quickly I have forgotten about the floating leaves. Soren is killing me. I love that kid.