Great friends in Logan

Near the end of our trip, we found ourselves in Logan, preparing ourselves to head up the canyon for the annual Stone Bros reunion (report coming next). This time around, we went up a day early so we could have some bonus time with our favorite doggie Nina (and her awesome family). 
In fact, this is Soren, with the help of a selfie stick, taking a selfie with his new favorite furry friend. 
He followed her around the whole visit! "Nina! My Nina!" Oh, Nina, thank you for being so patient. 
Oh yeah, and there happened to be Captain America helmets and monster boots as well. And book readers. Cute ones. 
So Soren was in heaven.
The other kids basically disappeared during our time there. Sure, that means we found them on the roof at one point (Zane said, "But there were so many uneaten plums up there! How could we resist such an opportunity?"), and come to think of it, Zane had a puke moment (plums, anyone?)--but aside from that, bliss and good manners from all. (That's the beauty of delayed memories, right?)
And of course, hanging with their parents was another trip highlight for me. I'm so thankful for people who just like me for me. It's truly a gift. Thanks, dear friends!


ash said…
Happy Days. I'm so glad you guys were able to come up and visit! Come back anytime.