What a week we had last week! I feel like it's been a MONTH since the triathlon. 
Our Z turned 11. And no, I didn't make him another coconut cake. That's what good mothers do. Besides, he had other requests (thank heavens!). He'd really been wanting to bust out a salsa bar, thanks to a few favorite restaurant experiences, so the night before his birthday (we called it "birthday week" instead of "we'll be too busy the day of so we have to make do elsewhere")  we MADE three different varieties and cheated with a fourth from Publix. And when I say we MADE, I mean my two oldest literally stood with me at the counter and cut tomatoes and pulled cilantro leaves from the bunch and squeezed limes into juice and cut tomatoes and sliced avocadoes and measured salt and pepper and oh did I mention cut tomatoes? Holy moly did we ever MAKE a salsa bar. Pops got home just in time to enjoy the goods then whisk Z off to scouts for the night.

I think it was a total success, one because they were yummy and two because Z decided we never have to have a salsa bar again! Ha, I wish. He'd like to tweak one recipe, try another from my trusty old cookbook from Williams-Sonoma days, and yeah, well, we're in it now. Sigh. He is 11 after all.
Here's a shot taken after the big boys left and Soren and I were left with our tacos and my newest quilt growing in the background.
Okay so the actual birthday DAY was totally fun for me because Zane kept being so surprised by the nice things happening to him. We showed up with Chick-Fil-A at lunchtime and he walked in with his jaw on the floor: "I mean, you packed me a lunch! What can I say, I just wasn't expecting you!"
Then later, when he got home from school, Brandon was waiting with a new (used) mountain bike ("gear bike" as he is affectionately calling it) in the driveway. Again, jaw on the ground, total surprise and shock: "I just wasn't expecting you guys to do anything like this! Thank you so much!"
While he took it for a spin, the younger kids picked pumpkins (A ripe pumpkin in Sept? Poor gal is early to the party! But she was getting bed sores, so we had to swoop in and rescue!) and played basketball (tongues out!).
 We couldn't have dinner or cake until way late that night, almost bed time. And of course we couldn't just have normal cake. One of Z's favorite things to do is pull out my cookbooks and dream of all the treats we will {probably never} make; the FRUIT PIZZA has been on the list for a while now, so we decided to have it be the birthday cake this year. After dinner, the kids took to decorating:
 Hooray for being 11, via blueberries!

I have to admit, that fruit pizza WAS amazing. Sugar cookie base, cream cheese "sauce," and 8 million kinds of fruit, topped with chocolate drizzle? Delicious! Soren thought so too, but that will have to wait for another post.
"Birthday week" officially ended with a long morning mountain biking adventure between father and son Saturday morning. I'm pretty sure this was a dream-come-true moment for for my mountain biking husband, and he even took some pictures! Thank you B! 
They got home super tired but super happy. In describing the ride, Zane said, "It was really hard and sometimes a bit dangerous, even--which of course made it totally awesome!" Great. Glad those kind of adventures can go down without me present.
That, my friends, is the way to do a birthday week. 
Have I mentioned how thankful I am these things only come once a year? 


ash said…
Eleven cheers for Z! What a great kid! Also, I love birthday week. Let's drag it out as long as possible, shall we? You are such a fun mama!
walt or jean said…
September is birthday month! Go Z! We love you.
Gramps & GiGi
wyomingmom said…
I can actually hear Zane saying those things. What fun and a great birthday memory. Now you have a few weeks to prepare for Annie's. :)