Clemson Classic 2015

Saturday (September 26) was Zane's first home swim meet of this season, the Clemson Classic. Add to this picture 500 people in the stands to my left, their deafening noise, and the heat and humidity from the pool and can you see why we love these things so much!
Well, at least one of us does.
 Others of us survive. (Thank you technology!)
Back to the enthusiastic participant: Zane swam in five events, four of which I captured on film (ha!). We just missed the first race (a 200 IM) because we came straight from Nutcracker rehearsals, happening simultaneously that day (Annie's in The Nutcracker! So cool!). Zane managed to cut time in every race he swam. (In the 200 IM he went from 3:12 to 3:05.) Phew!
50 Freestyle, time to beat 37.29; time he got~35.86:)
50 breast stroke (time to beat 46.65; time he got~54.43)(also, take notice of the bald official at the end of lane 6--you guessed it, we are in deep now):
50 back stroke (time to beat, 46.07; time he got~41.70):
50 butterfly (time to beat, 37.75 which was enough to get him to state last year; time he got ~37.65):
Did I mention that along with the noise, heat, and humidity, I'm also quite anxious and stressed for my little swimmer man? AGONY. So glad when it's over!
When he got home, Zane said he "really enjoyed" this meet! I loved seeing him hang with real friends, take thoughtful note of his coaches' after-race comments, and actually want to SMILE for my pictures!
Go Z!


ash said…
It's so fun to see Z do his thing!
Dashley said…
Oh. My. Goodness. I can't even begin to tell you how happy these videos make me. I LOVE that he swims!!!! I LOVE that he does so well and enjoys it!!! So wish I could come see one of his meets!!!