The Cake

Soren and I are currently in the "fail" stage of potty training, so before I begin our trip recap, I'd like to focus on these really cute Soren-with-cake pictures, to remind me how much I like him.
Oh hi there, cutie.
 You know how to do this, right? (Nobody worry that one candle is already out!) Inhale and...
 Try again, blow!
 With help from some siblings, we achieve blown out status.
This cake came from the 100 Days of Real Food cookbook I've been enjoying these past months. Carrot cake with cream cheese whipped cream frosting that without the frosting passes for carrot muffins. Delicious!
Except, later when I asked B how he liked the cake, he said, "Well, they tasted more like muffins to me, but whatever."So apparently I'm not fooling anyone. But I still got the double fist "Victory" from child #3, so I'll take it. 


wyomingmom said…
Love the candle blowing out pictures with such cute cheeks. Wish we could have been with you at the beach. Glad it was so much fun. Good luck with potty training.