Rock Climbing up Rock Canyon Park

Another MAJOR highlight of our summer trip was rock climbing up Rock Canyon Park the morning of the 24th with our dear friends Cami and Brad and their kids.
Oh man, it was so awesome. After being at Zion and JUST WANTING TO CLIMB MOUNTAINS, Zane finally got his chance.
So yeah, I knew Zane would love it, but Annie and her long legs surprised us all by scooting up the "mtn" as fast and enthusiastically as anyone. 
 They both wanted to go again and again.
 So fun to be with these kiddos while they each took their turn.
Nature (from all angles) is so cool.
We only spent the morning there, but by the time it was over we were happily tuckered out (some more than others).
 Thanks, dear friends, for such a wonderful WONDERFUL morning up the canyon. My kids are changed for life.