Hula Hoops Snapshot

Hula hoops in the backyard were a big hit this year, for kids of all ages. Granted, there was much fussing and fighting about where they should be placed, who should jump when, just what in the heck their purpose was, etc, but all in all lots of fun for everyone.
I love this next pair of pictures because of the innocent-looking pole beans growing in the background. Little did we know that by summer's end there would be a JUNGLE of pole beans back there. 
Okay, so actually, we knew. Happens every year and it's one of the BEST thing about that back yard.
But still, they looked so polite, so manageable at that stage. Hi there, cute little pole beans! 
What was that? Oh right, back to the children.
Most of my pictures (as you know, and yes we did take 2nd day pictures this morning, more on that another day) can't. seem. to. get. the. right. things. in. focus. at. the. right. time. These were no different. A foot here, a whole body there, it's cool.
 Finally, I had to say, "Annie, you gotta stop and pose for me, girl!" And pose she did! Thanks Annie!
But sometimes, folks, and I mean maybe one out of a thousand, thanks to pure luck and stars-in-the-universe alignment... I actually get it right.
Or, okay, so at least he's the LEAST blurry thing in the picture this time, right? Sigh.
Stay tuned for more hula hoops!


wyomingmom said…
love the pictures and the fun they are having