Cedar Breaks and Zion National Park

Following our short trip to Florida, Brandon dropped the kids and me at the Jacksonville airport, where we flew non-stop to Las Vegas. We picked up a rental car and headed north to Brianhead Resort area in Utah. There we met our old friend HB for a couple of gorgeous days in Cedar Breaks and Zion National Parks.
Thanks to HB for most of these fabulous pictures! (If it looks like a camera photo, it's mine.) 

I had no idea that Cedar Breaks was like a mini-Grand Canyon. My oldest kept wanting to get closer and closer to the edge, and had to be told "I don't want you to DIE, so please get back here now" before he got the picture. I was very thankful when the next day we started at ground level in Zion and spent most of the day looking UP.
I couldn't BELIEVE the beauty of this place! Once inside Zion, we rode the shuttle to the last/most northern stop and hiked to the Narrows (I think). It was supposedly an "easy" hike, but with sleepy/grumpy boy on my hip and "piggyback" the whole way, it was definitely the extent of my abilities that day. 
Zane would have hiked to the top, had we let him. Still, this hike, the water at the end, the extra little bit of exploring we let him do at the end, the waterfall he fell down (only waist-high, enough to feel adventurous and mortal all at the same time) = highlight #3.
Getting to spend time with HB was definitely a summer highlight for this lady. I'm so grateful for good friends and the beauty of the earth. 


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Loved these pictures and comments. Can't wait for more!