Butler Beach 2015

Our 5-week summer vacation this year started by driving south to Florida. We spent 5 days visiting with favorite friends and church-family in Gainesville, but of course the only time I pulled out my camera was for BEACH DAY.
We drove straight east from Gainesville, turned north for a block or two when we hit the coast, and arrived at Butler beach for a day of fun.
It didn't disappoint.
 The big kids immediately took off for the waves, leaving Soren as my main muse for the morning. See them out there, behind him? One thing I love about this beach is how faaaaaaaaaaaaaaar out you can walk before really getting much deeper. We were working on confidence in the water with Soren, and sometimes waves + depth can be really tricky.
Thanks to friend Rob who dug and built sand masterpieces with Soren while I wandered and the other dudes watched the big kids way out there. Soren was pleased to have such pleasant company.
 Annie and her buddies went back and forth between jumping and riding waves and playing up closer to me. Happy to have continued relations with these cuties.
If I could rename this summer trip, it would be something like, "Michelle's continued attempt to provide Zane with life-experience highlights." Bodyboarding was the first victory. As we left, Zane told us it was probably a good thing we didn't live closer to a beach, or he'd want to bodyboard all day every day. "What would happen to my studies, I wonder?" 
 We topped off this happy morning with gelato and paninis at our favorite place in St. Augustine, Hidalgos. Tomato-basil-mozz panini = Zane's summer highlight #2.

Thanks to our friends for accompanying us on this fun day to the beach. And thanks to the beach for being the beach. Beach, I'm yours forever.