Bear Lake Part 2

Tonight, we tried to have a bit of a summer round-up for Family Home Evening. We asked the kids to name some of their summer highlights. Gramps, you'll love this, Annie said, "Painting with Gramps....and fishing with Gramps.....and golfing with Gramps!" Too sweet. Zane thought for a moment (as he is apt to do) then said, "I'm thinking of all the frog catching we did in Bear Lake. That was definitely a highlight for me." And it's true--our last morning at the lake, Zane and Jonas spent HOURS collecting, moving, and observing these little creatures (I hope not killing! I heard nothing of the sort so I remain hopefully ignorant!). It was such a 10 year old boy thing to do, I loved that Zane got the experience.
 Before the hard core scavenging began, we all spent the morning enjoying the beach one more time Jon and Eric frisbeed like the best of them (the best part of my blog is that I get to make verbs out of anything I please, have you noticed? Totally fine, people, I just ignore the red squiggly line underneath and all is well). Annie (and the rest of the kiddos) showed us her paddle boarding skills. Soren shouted with joy. It was a happy morning for all.

Hooray for those three glorious days! I'll end with mostly iphone pics of the inside of the cabin, just to remember things like the view from the back windows, the ginormous beams throughout, the life-sized Daniel Tiger capabilities, and the kids on their way to see Bandito.
 And of course, a peek into why Annie's favorite memories are tied up with Gramps just a bit. Undivided attention with a good listener (she can be quite the talker these days) = bliss. 
School starts tomorrow! What a nice evening to reflect on some of the happiest moments spent with family this summer. 


wyomingmom said…
Memories are the best.