Bear Lake Part 1

One of EVERYONE'S highlights this summer was being able to visit our Emmygirl in Bear Lake where she's working this summer. She and her husband work crazy hard 6 days a week at the Pickleville Theatre there, running the grill and being part of one of the productions.
We're happy for them, blah blah blah, but we missed our Emmy this summer! We were so glad ALL the nieces and nephews could be there at one time to give her a squeeze and smile for a pictures.
Well, ALMOST all of them were pleasant. One was a turkeypants. See below:
I had to get up close and poke him in the belly before he'd let up his crankiness. 
 Oh well, there was plenty enough love being passed around!
After we said goodbye to our sweet Em at Pickleville we wrapped around the lake just a bit more and landed at the cabin of some of my parents' oldest friends. I remember going to this cabin as a kid and thinking there was basically no place better on earth. My opinion hasn't changed much.
We didn't actually get to the beach that first night, can you believe it? We went back to Pickleville for the show, then came home and crashed, anticipating the next day's fun.
The next day didn't disappoint. Some honorary family members joined us for the day and we sand castled and paddle boarded and collected frogs and created habitats for them (and shortened their life span, I'm pretty sure) and chilled and talked and just had one of those too-good-to-be-true days together. 
(Love you, C family!)
 A couple of us even took part in incriminating bath photos!
 Later that night we roasted marshmallows and enjoyed the sunset. Such beauty in that place! 

 Last morning pics to come. Sigh. Happy memories.


ash said…
Let's just relive this day over and over again. Mmmkay?