A little FarmerRobertsRossWalton action

The weekend after Bear Lake, the kids and I got to spend some time with our Brandon's side relatives. We gathered at Brad and Aly's (thanks as always, guys!) and enjoyed a yummy Sunday dinner, then google chatted with both the missionaries Ross and our Pops at home in SC (at the same time!). We spent the night and went swimming with some the next day as well, but after the group shots (get ready for them), I thought the children had been through enough and didn't bust out my camera any more. :)
Here are some who don't mind looking cute for the camera. 
Oh and these guys too. I don't think I mentioned it before but we also had two GLORIOUS dutch oven desserts. The photo below is a little off-centered, but I had to include those beloved brownies!
The google chatting was so fun! So nice to have everyone see everyone and talk and laugh at similar things at similar times. Whenever Brandon would talk, his face would pop on the screen and Soren would cheer. "DAD!" which I further translated to "You still exist!"
After dinner I had the fabulous idea of making all the children take a picture together! Come guys! We promise it will be short and painless (and then it was long and painful).
I love this first shot, one because my Soren is smiling so obediently (note: this changes), and two because uncle Lee is there, also cheerfully obeying the urging to "COME OUTSIDE FOR PICTURES PLEASE!" We excused him (which he also cheerfully obeyed) with a chuckle.
Alright, so as we're getting everyone out there and settled, some of the early arrivals are getting restless. Note exhibit A: top row, far left. I love Annie's elbow.  
Things continued down hill as I allowed everyone to be "crazy" for a moment or two. Lots of notes here: Zane's hiding--totally on purpose--, Elise has found her KILLER zombie look bottom left, and even further left, Soren and Joel are "cheeeeeeeeeeeeese"ing with all they've got. Um, yeah, basically love everyone here:
 And then, through magic (half the adults yelling and jumping up and down to get attention) and prayer (all adults present) and more magic (editing compliments of my fantastic brother Nick Stone who actually knows how to white balance properly), I give you..............THE GRANDCHILDREN circa 2015.
Sure, Soren's done, and who could really ask or expect that NO ONE have their hands in their mouths please (bottom right), but all in all, a BEAUTIFUL bunch of kiddos.
Until next year, nice children!
You can see why I mercy-hid my camera the rest of the visit. They deserved a BREAK!
Love you cousins, and your parents too! Glad we could spend some time together.