Three Years Old

Thinking of my now 3-year old tonight.
 Turkey pants woke up on his birthday as grumpy as can be. When we tried to tell him it was his birthday, he screamed, "No! NOT MAH BIRDDAY!" Hee hee, we laughed, he takes after his mother (and uncle Nick) on the birthday thing. It's cool!
So yeah, the day happened and he wanted nothing to do with it (other than a sweet moment on the phone with his missionary grandparents when Soren was asked if he'd like to hear a song and he said, "Ow 'bout.....Happy Birdday?" then he sang along with the serenade) and he even fell asleep into his dinner. So much for being three! We will try for the cake and ice cream another day!
In the meantime, here are some fun Soren moments from the last month, recorded via phone:
At Annie's classroom that last week or so of school:

 Last day of school walker-homers (NO STROLLERS ALLOWED MOM):
Getting more familiar with his birthday present from last year. We've decided it's this year's present as well:
 Why are children so likable when they're asleep? Here on the floor by my bed during our cousins' visit:
 At Zane's open water meet (doh! Still need to blog that!) with Aunt Alyson:
 Our long-drive-to-dance twice a week was endured happily ONLY because my non-napping child would do this most of the time:
 Here he is mid-day on his actual birthday. Another happy moment or two (or three):
 Playing with Z's legos....a favorite past time for him, mortifying for his older brother:
And where he lies after those glorious naps-in-the-car:
He makes my world go 'round: crazy, not crazy, crazy, not crazy, round and round and round!
Happy birthday, Soren!