Smoky Mtns (national park this time) part 3

Bring on the phone pics! And maybe an explanation or two along the way!

So many months ago, Brandon's sister called and asked if we'd like to join them in June for a few days in the Smoky Mountains. Being the kind of people who have a hard time planning a day in advance, let alone many months, we marveled at Alyson's skills and signed on immediately. Smoky Mtns, woo hoo! We were excited but didn't think much more about it. 

Then life happened and all the sudden, it was June and time to go to the Smokies! We drove up the first night right at sunset and witnessed that INSANE view from the rental house. As you may have guessed by now, I couldn't take my eyes OFF that view the rest of our time there. A once in a lifetime opportunity, our stay at the TOP of a Smoky Mtn was. Here's our position on google maps:
And here's another look at that view:
Out the master bedroom window! Insane!

The next morning, Brandon actually had to drive back home for a meeting, so the kids and I joined the Brad/Aly family for a day at the national park.
We stopped at a few places and let the kids play in the creek. Poor Annie, at one point she SLIPPED at a place very similar to the one below and hit her noggin' on a rock (hence the two goose egg pictures in my previous post--I couldn't resist and by then she was over it). We had to cover her forehead for the rest of the afternoon with her hair, so no one would notice.
We tend to look for Bobs everywhere we go (Bob Charleston, Bob Clemson, etc) so Zane got a kick out of this sign. Bob Smokies was here and so were we!
See, it's hard to look away.