iPhone picture moments

Is it just me, or are school pictures like so 20 years ago (said in my most obnoxious teenage voice)? Especially with their foggy green backgrounds and slightly yellowed (white-balanced-failed) children? Here are the pictures of the pictures this year.
Had these from a few weeks back. Caption: Come over, we're biking!
Of course, right after the pictures were taken he fell over and skinned both knees. Come over, we're bleeding!
Zane is kind of all about epic projects and this one was no different. He decided to make a paper airplane for every country in the world, complete with a representing flag on the wing. I made him stop at 86, because I'm sorry, they were taking over our family room.
He then set up a march madness-esque bracket and had them compete in pairs, seeing who could out-distance the others and become the world champion paper airplane.
To tell the truth, I don't think the contest is over yet. Plus, he'd still like to complete the entire set (unless the flag is too complicated to draw, which makes for automatic forfeit).
We've spent a couple mornings in Annie's classroom and Soren is in heaven. This particular morning was a mother's day brunch, but apparently it was a "monster's day" brunch as well, as this new favorite shirt of his turned him into a monster every time I tried to snap a pic..
My spring quilt project is finally taking form. I'll admit I have had to step away from it for awhile--diagonals without paper piecing will do that to you. I have it all pinned and ready for a reconciliation though. Maybe during our long lazy days of summer. (Ha!)
While in Utah I got to spend a dinner with my wonderful in-laws, just before they headed to New Jersey on a mission for our church. They are dear folks--hard workers, faithful servants, do-gooders extraordinaire. We are very proud of them.
Also at the wedding reception I got to see a number of good friends, including Crystal! Thanks for making the drive down to support our Emmygirl!
One more picture to show a favorite activity as of late. Fish for the consonant, repeat after mom the correct way to say the consonant, match the consonant to the board. Repeat 26 times! Just call us mini-speech therapy! We'll get Soren speaking English yet, you just wait!


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