Charleston 2015

We spent the weekend with our favorite friends in Charleston. Oh, how we look forward to our adventures together!
Their youngest has always had a thing for Soren. This time around she inched her way into his heart; by the end he didn't even fight the hugs and loves she gave at every spare moment. 
B took this picture of Annie and the pineapple fountain (downtown near the glorious gelato place we discovered last trip). Made me wonder if he wasn't supposed to be the family photographer instead of his wife. 
We spent a morning boating over to Fort Sumpter. Upon arrival, Zane got to be part of the park ranger's animated retelling of some of the events there. Zane was both thrilled and mortified. "I didn't realize I was an introvert until I was in front of all those people!" He was charming and the fort was vey cool.
The main reason we meet up in Charleston around the end of May/beginning of June is to attend an event or two at the annual Spoleto festival held there. B and I go to one while our friends watch the kids, then we switch and return the favor while they go to something else. This time around we "saw" the Westminster Choir College. I put "saw" in quotations because our seats didn't actually allow us to SEE see the performers this time, just the lovely church organ in the back! Still, the concert was unreal awesome: beautiful music selections, impeccable pitch and tone, magnificent artistry. An hour of bliss.
Our final morning was spent at a "square" much like the ones we love in Savannah. We frisbeed, strollered around the center statue, and did all kinds of other things that are actual vowels (talked, picnicked, selfied, etc).
Finally got a picture of our favorite sign in Charleston, just outside the iconic St. Philip's church shown above.
We love Charleston! And the people we meet up with there. Friends forever.