Ballet Pics

The other night before the dance recital, I snapped a few "real camera" pictures of this little ballet beauty. Looking at them again this morning is warming my heart.
I'm so thankful to have found something my Annie loves and looks forward to every week. I am thankful the caliber of teaching is so high. I am thankful there is room to stretch and grow (literally and physically) and greatness waiting.
We are living a contented life over here. Kids are happy in their activities, Pops is inching ever so slightly towards his goal of tenure (still years to go, mountains to climb, don't worry, we haven't lost perspective), and I am busy and satisfied. I realize this is just one chapter of many chapters in our lives--but I'm happy to report that it's been a good one.
Of course, with summer comes welcome changes (sleeping in a little!) and future delights for everyone---hopefully I'll make time to document the next chapter a bit less sporadically.