Soren and Annie in April

While the big boys spent Spring Break galavanting around Washington, I got to chill with my littles. It's interesting--when I need to talk about Zane and Annie, I call them my "bigs;" but when I need to talk about Soren and Annie, they are the "littles." Annie's a creature for all, huh?
Soren has finally stopped loving the BOB, which was cute for about a day and a half, and now it's just sad. For awhile he would actually refuse to get in it, so we found ourselves walking (very slowly) either to school or friends' houses. One night some buddies let us borrow this Lowe's driver for the way home. GLOR-I-OUS. 
Luckily, the BOB has been put back into the after school pick-up routine, and for the time being, it's working.
I find myself enjoying Soren's little personality so much. He is curious, inquisitive, and thoughtful. He still holds his chin with his fingers and says, "hmmm" when pondering something, and now he adds a very Canadian-sounding "how 'bout" (ow boat) when deciding on yogurt or book or movie to watch.
 I remember the days when everything memorable went on the blog. I wish I could capture it all, but for now, "ow boat" will have to suffice. Well, here's one more. He isn't great at enunciation just yet--most of his beginning consonants are replaced by the "w" sound. For for instance, FOOD comes out like WOOD and SHOES sounds like WOOS, etc etc. Remembering speech therapy with Annie, I've been trying to physically show him how to pronounce other consonants. So he'll ask for "WOOD" and I'll say, "You mean "FOOD? FF FF FF FFood?" and he'll reply, "FF----WOOD!" then raise his arms in a celebratory manner and say "Yes! I DID IT!" Well, what can I say, we're trying?
We did one other notable thing earlier this month: we planted a garden! Our entire lot is shaded so not much hope for prolific harvests, but Annie insisted and insisted and oh, did I mention she insisted? So we went to the sunniest chunk of space (right by the driveway), moved the trash can, pulled out some bushes, and with the help of a very handy friend, built a little planter box of happiness. We then bought some seeds, some small plants to boost our confidence, and planted! 
Brandon reminded me of our first spring in Clemson when Annie got a garden, and how she made happy sounds during the entire planting session. I had forgotten until we commenced again in planting--out came the happy sounds once more! Lettuce, spinach, strawberries, broccoli, carrots, basil, mint, cucumbers, beans, corn, and flowers, just for fun.
Here's an updated picture from this morning. It's been raining for days, so most things are thriving. We might have to try corn again (row closest to brick wall), but that's it! Hey, anybody want some mint? broccoli?
Spring has come in our yard, and so came this beautiful ballerina yesterday. She participated in a school show all day, so grown up! Now she's back at her regular school, planning to teach her "taratella dance (missing the n, but so cute I can't correct her)" to all her friends.
(Classic shadow-face, sorry about that. We were in a hurry!)
Did someone say azaleas?


wyomingmom said…
This is a cute, inquisitive, beautiful, talented, green delightful soon to be delicious post.
ash said…
I'm so excited for your little garden. It's still close to freezing at night around here, so any thought of that happiness will have to wait for warmer weather. And the kiddos? Kill me now. I cannot WAIT to see you. Emy's wedding cannot happen soon enough!
walt or jean said…
There is beauty all around!