Savannah for Easter

We met up with our dear Florida friends last weekend for Easter #3 in Savannah. Such a lovely time is always had with these folks! We arrived late Friday; Saturday we walked all day, and ate, and played at playgrounds and squares, and ate some more, and played games at the hotel; and on Sunday we churched, brunched, and egg hunted before driving home. Nothing could have been better! Feel free to add your own captions to the following {phone} pics: 
Well, one thing could have been a little better. Zane strained the muscles in his neck on Sunday morning (hotel bed shenanigans) so he looked like this next picture the whole day (taken at Gryphon, the amazing brunch place that has stolen our hearts):
He's healing slowly and surely. 
And looks at these two: she adores him, he's not quite sure about her. But he didn't give her the "stay away from me" hand like last year, so I think we are making progress. 
Downtown Savannah with its walkable streets and numerous beautiful "squares" is one of our very favorite places here in the south.  I had a moment yesterday where I was almost bursting with the happy realization there was no place I'd rather be. Happy Easter everyone!


ash said…
I'm so jealous! What a lovely Easter Sunday! How are your kiddos looking so big?