Pink Popcorn

Well, we did it again. We looked out the window and what did we see? Except these trees are even more beautiful than the Bi-Lo parking lot trees from last year if you ask me (although perhaps they didn't get their fair shake, as we haven't had many sunny spring days this year, like the evening captured before). The tinge of pink is stunning; we had to wander in their midst. 
It was even a bit windy that day, the blossoms of these (cherry?) trees falling around us as we took "popcorn popping" pictures. 
As I've driven through town in the days following our outing to Gateway Park that morning, I have spotted several more of these beauties here and there and each time, they've taken my breath away. Nature has a way of doing that, doesn't it?


wyomingmom said…
Beautiful. Wish I were walking with you guys.
walt or jean said…
You have been blessed with eyes that see and a heart that feels and understands. What will those magical hands of Soren do next?
ash said…
So beautiful! We are sitting under a blanket of snow tonight. I'm sitting here eating up all of your spring pics!