Pinewood Derby 2015

Remember how the boys went to DC? Well the day or so before they left we got a *reminder about the Pinewood Derby happening the next Wednesday night. Are you kidding me? So squeezed into the few hours before and after the trip was the making of "the Mohawk." 
We brought these sibling fans along with us and good gracious, the little one had the TIME of his LIFE. After the real tournament was over and he got to race a few of his own cars, Soren was hooked for life. "My doe uh church, race cars!!!!!!" is what he screamed the whole way home after we pried his sweaty hands away from the track. And today, at church, he looked around confused and disappointed. "My turn, race cars?" 
PS: This might have been Zane's fastest car to date, but he still lost both races in a double elimination tournament. Oh well, at least there were spare tires (doughnuts) and twinkie racers for refreshment afterwards! (I also love the below shot because it show how Zane still squeezes into his dad's old scout shirt, complete with the Jim Bridger District patch on the left shoulder.)
I have to share this too: neither big kid actually liked the Twinkie. Silent victory. 


wyomingmom said…
love that car! Thank goodness the track was gone by church on Sunday.
walt or jean said…
Set up track during choir nursery! Love you Zane!
ash said…
Don't worry, I'll eat the Twinkies! Poor Soren, maybe his engineer father can build him a track?