More (or Less) Snow Days

I've been gone long enough to wonder if we actually got buried under a bunch of snow or something. We didn't. But we still got two more snow days and two late-start days last week. Part of me just can't get over the ridiculousness of it; the other part secretly loved getting to wake up later. 
The first "snow" day was Tuesday. I decided to be an awesome mom and take the kids to the school to sled. We hoisted our make-shift sleds (bin lids and a boogie board) into the car and set off in search of a whole bunch of white stuff.
We found the teensiest bit of white stuff. The bin lids were ineffective. We continued our search.

Some of us would have liked to go home at that point.
 Luckily, after sending Zane around the corner to seek adventure on his own, the rest of us found the playground and hopscotch happiness. Notice the snow had all melted on the asphalt long before our arrival.  That's about how the roads looked.
 Sigh. Later that day, Z finished his science fair project. An actual positive outcome on a snow day: finishing a big old science project poster before the sun sets!
Two days later, we had another snow day, with a teensy bit more snow. So we tried again. Hopelessness. At least we borrowed a sled this time!
I'm not even sure how to describe this next picture. At least he almost got to the bottom before the weight of his body stopped the momentum. Seriously. :)
The movie helps, I suppose:
(He continued to play in the snow for HOURS longer than the rest of us, thanks to his good buddy from the photo above.)

 I guess you can't feel bad for our tiny little snow fall, after seeing what we had to compare it to (a week ago when we had our first "snow" day):
Yesterday, Jon and Tina had 11 inches on the ground in Illinois. And their kids went to school the next day. Today, it was 72 here. Much better!


walt or jean said…
Zane will say one day, "That was the time it snowed in Clemson. It was so deep I had to stay home and work on my science project all day."
ash said…
You've had more snow that us! Enjoy the days off.