Moments captured these last weeks

Here's another unique-to-Soren thing. Line up cars, but do it UPSIDE DOWN. Because why be normal?
The other day, Brandon worked from home and instead of locking himself in a room upstairs, he spent some time down in our sunny living room. As soon as Soren saw what was happening, he went in search of his own version (a file folder "lap top" from Annie's kindergarten class time), and when found he brought it right over and set up shop. He knows what to do!
Soren and I find ourselves at our next-town-over library quite often (Zane's still reading up a storm, so I'm there pretty regularly to pick up and drop off for him). Soren plays with the puzzles at the small tables near the back of the kids section, then finds his way over to this couch and insists on reading his fair share of board books before we can say goodbye. Beyond the glass outside are multiple towering brick chimneys, the only remnants of a South Carolina mansion from the last century or two. Reminds me how cool it is to live in a place seeped in history. 
Last weekend we held our second annual graduate student dinner. These folks (missing a few, bummer), along with some friends and family (I think we counted 18 altogether), came with food from various regions of the world (plus one fellow brought cheesecake because he knows the true way to our hearts). We ate and chatted and took pictures (one in particular wanted a "selfie with Dr. Ross") and all was well, especially the next day when we got to enjoy the leftovers. 
And speaking of the next day--anyone else crash and burn on Daylight Savings Sunday? 
Finally, a look at what I hope my quilt will look like when all is said and done, to help you help me be motivated to finish. I'm at the tedious sew-the-small-grey-line-in-between-all-the-color-strips and the end is not quite as in sight as I'd like. Someone recently asked me if the pattern has been helpful, which made me think: "A pattern! What a brilliant idea! I really could have used a pattern!" :) Anyway, I've changed out some of the blues and purples on the right side, to continue the awesome contrast with the dark background. It really is set to be glorious, someday. 
Diagonal lines are not for the faint of heart in the quilt world. But the effect is {hopefully} worth it!


ash said…
Yes! The true meaning of everydaynesses! So happy to see inside your days. I think you should take a selfie with Dr. Ross. ;)
walt or jean said…
Soren's computer is so wonderful!
walt or jean said…
love your quilting creations