DC part II

I still don't know many details about DC. I'm not sure that's a bad thing. Seems like a great time was had by all, and I'm positive that was due in part to my absence. (Secret: Annie and I had quite a lovely time by ourselves [and Soren] at home, thank you very much!)

I do have a bit more photographic evidence of fun, thanks to Z's friend's papa (blogs are so weird, but I still don't feel great about using first names. Thanks, Z's friend's papa!).
Nerf gun and other shenanigans at their home:
 Spy museum:
I asked Zane to explain this next one. He just shook his head and said, "Windy day.."
Sigh. Happy boy.


walt or jean said…
That smile says it all! What a wonderful young man he has become.