B and Z go to Washington

Last month or so, Brandon got this idea in his head that Zane should accompany him to Washington DC for a weekend in late March. He had meetings there at the end of the week, and thought it would be the perfect time to bring Z for a fun weekend adventure afterwards. One of Z's favorite friends from Florida now lives there, as well as my little brother Nick, so Zane had plenty of things to see and people to visit! Still I'll admit, at first I vetoed the idea. Too expensive, time out of school, too complicated, blah, blah, blah. I think turns out, I am rather set in my ways/routine, and am in general too tired to entertain any ideas outside the box. Lucky for everyone, Brandon insisted this time, and the boys had an epic adventure together. 
I don't have all the stories yet, but here are loads of pictures. See if you can spot the various monuments/museums/alien-sized food stuffs: 

More proof of Z's visit with his buddy is on the way thanks to some pictures from dad Jake. I believe Z will remember forever what fun he had that one weekend in March 2015 when he went to DC with his pops. Thanks to everyone who helped along the way!


ash said…
I think you're right, he'll remember this forever. What a lucky kiddo!
walt or jean said…
best faather, son, uncle, friend outing ever!
wyomingmom said…
I get the feeling from the pictures that no one had to tell Zane to smile for these pictures. He seems to be glowing. By the way, I wasn't ready to let Alyson go anywhere and she was 15 and Dale said she could go. It could be a king of mom thing.