State Swim Meet 2015

When did I write last, was it just yesterday? Well, I'm back, and yes, we're experiencing another snow day. We may never go back to school again.

Anyway, last weekend was Zane's state swim meet. He swam the 50 butterfly and we are oh so proud of him. Although it wasn't his fastest time, the 38.08 he swam was also well under the state cut, proving his right to swim that day.

The main photographer chose to sit right in front of our family photographer (Annie), so although he is in the center lane right in front of the camera, the view is a bit blocked. Still, it's fun to catch a glimpse of Z doing his butterfly thing. 
He received a special shirt from his coach after his swim. He decided later that getting a state shirt was a bit like getting a medal. He also decided this was his new favorite shirt. 
Someone asked me if I'm prepared to make a t-shirt quilt someday with all his swim shirts. Maybe that's what I'm practicing for in the background there.


walt or jean said…
Magnificant race Zane! We couldn't be more proud.
wyomingmom said…
Nothing specific except that I am just happy right now reading and rereading posts and seeing what and how the kids are doing. I wish we had some :"know" here.
ash said…
A t-shirt quilt! What a great idea! Way to go, Z! State swim in butterfly is something to brag about for the rest of your life!