Snow day(s)

I really like living in South Carolina. For the most part, I find it pleasant and reasonable. Except when it comes to snow; then, it is absolutely insane.  
We started seeing that little white snowflake on our weather app a week or so ago. Looked like it might snow Monday night. Cool, no big deal. Then, Sunday night we got a message from the school district, announcing the cancellation of after-school activities on Monday. A bit on the safe side, but ok, I could see how they'd want everyone home safe before the sun went down. We sent kids to school Monday morning, then an hour later got a message announcing the closing of schools. At 10am. Huh??? Um, okay. We walked to get the kids in what was clearly terrible (clear, no wind, a little chilly at 33 degrees) weather (Soren holding tight to his hood, just in case!), then anticipated SNOW the rest of the day. 
By 5pm, this is what had accumulated. 
But only in the back yard. Front yard clear. 
Sigh. When I moved to Laramie my
junior year of high school, another family moved in too, from Clemson, South Carolina. I remember the boy my age had the hardest time getting used to how things were handled in adverse weather conditions. After living here, I understand why. 
And alas, it did snow just enough, then "freezing rain"ed all night long, and we woke up to a no-school snow day. "Knowing! Knowing!!" exclaimed Soren as he trudged about on the ice. 
I won't be surprised if we are out the rest of the week. 


walt or jean said…
Crazy weather. Looks like Soren is loving the event!