Green moments and trees that refuse to shed their leaves

Look at this great tree in our backyard. It refused to shed its little bit of color, all winter long! What a great contrast to the rest of the barrenness. You go, little tree!
We have a few other rebellious trees in our care. See that evergreen next to the leaf hoarder? That's some kind of Hemlock, and he and his friend in another corner of the yard (see below) were, ahem, "borrowed" from the North Carolina mountains by a previous owner. Well guess what, those mountains are now invested with hemlock woolly adelgids (aka nasty wood devouring bugs) and there aren't nearly as many Hemlocks as there used to be! We are nature conservationists and we didn't even know it!
The real reason for this post, though, is the GREEN on the ground. 
Often overlooked due to the beauty at eye level and above, this moss has been the champion of my February. Sure, we're still below freezing at night. Sure, the blossoms aren't anywhere to be seen, sniff sniff. And yet, that GREEN: it's like Spring has sent out an advance party. Hold tight, Michelle; just a little longer now. 


ash said…
Hooray! I can almost smell it from here!
walt or jean said…
Beautiful and so poetic.