Complete Uniqueness

 One of the most fascinating parts of child rearing is discovering the unique interests and talents of each kid. Zane and Annie are both in a season right now where they have very specific and differing passions; it's cool to follow along and cheer from the sidelines.
Soren, though, seems to be a little like both of the others were at two and a half. As third in line, almost everything he does has already been done by either child #1 or child #2. So you can imagine my delight this week as I caught him making these glorious "lego duplo car sculptures."  No other kid of ours has used this exact combo in quite the same way, building over and over again, as if honing a specialized skill.   Some creations are tall with little overall car parking possibilities; others are wider and more accommodating in nature. He builds and figures, hollers when one falls, rebuilds, refigures (complete with fingers wrapped around chin with a furrowed brow and an audible "hmm" expression), and on and on. It's so dang fun. 
 Don't know quite what this translates to career-wise, but it's a great way to pass the time!