Annie's Valentines

It's Heart week, and like most school children, Annie's class is handing out Valentines today. Annie alerted me to this detail days ago and I tried to make a mental note to buy a pack of the store-made valentines the next time I was out and about. Meanwhile, I started finding hearts of various sizes, discarded ribbons, and paper scraps all over the place: on the art table, on the dining room by the scissor and craft drawer, in Annie's room, etc. Grumpily, I finally asked Annie what in the world she was doing. She looked as me quizzically: "I'm making Valentines, of course." Ah. She didn't know there was a store-bought option. Bless her heart.
She added ribbon to some, stickers to others, and even jokes from her saved laffy taffy wrappers (thanks Gigi) for other who would "like them best." Oh, and a chocolate dove piece. Because I wanted the extras, so I snatched a bag at Publix right in time. You know what, I think Annie's going to make it in life. By the way, what kind of ship never sinks? Friendship. 


ash said…
Oh Annie, I wish I could squeeze you!