Sun in January

Ooo it's been cold here. I mean, sure I'm super wimpy so my "cold" is like mid-40s. But last week the low temps were mixed with gray skies for days and I'd about had enough. 
Then, Friday the sun came out. At first my phone told me 48 degrees, but as I sat wondering how 48 could feel so glorious and warm, it changed to 54. Aha!  54, I love you. I even let Soren take off his hat and mittens by the end of our backyard escapade. Speaking of! Some dear friends are moving away (boo!) and they gifted us this playground set. Already my backyard has seen more action in the last week than in the year and a half prior. It's going to be a wonderful addition. Someday we might even put on the roof and climbing wall, and add a slide to one end. 

(This last picture was from one of the gray days. Still fun, although I took this picture than ran back inside as fast as I could. Wimp!)


walt or jean said…
So fun! It's better in person.
ash said…
Your backyard looks like a park! I bet it's the coolest place in the neighborhood!