Kids this week

I've lent my big camera to sister Em for a little while. College class requirements came right when my dad was here and could take it back with him for her, and it seemed like the perfect timing for such a cross-country borrow. Especially since we received a little green Honda Civic in return. We will miss the camera as the spring color returns, but hello, Em is so worth it. Also, I've recently gotten a phone with a teensy bit better camera on it, so we will blog by phone for now and all will be well!
We've returned to full family life, complete with swimming 4x a week for Z, dancing twice for Annie, another go at the girls choir (a dozen girls signed up this time), preschool music in the mornings, and piano lessons peppered throughout. And B working his brains out underneath it all. I am, as always, clinging to the moments of joy amidst all the chaos; things are good right now, kids are happy and healthy, life is blessed. I just wish there were more sleeping hours penciled in. I will always, I think, pine for more sleep. 

Anyway! We posted Z's races from last Saturday. Today he came home from swim practice with ribbons for most of those races! I had forgotten how encouraging ribbons can be. Note to self: token systems really do work!
Another highlight this week was getting the rest of our swing set set up. The slide was ordered online and arrived what felt like 15 short minutes later (it was really only like a day and a half), and Brandon worked past sundown one night to get it all set up. Climbing wall attached, check! Ladder moved to side by tree, check! Slide attached with a little Brandon intellect/magic/jimmying skills, check!

And just like that, our backyard is "finally actually fun."  Thanks for that quote Annie. 
Soren hasn't wanted to nap the last couple of weeks, but it makes him ridiculously tired by dinner time.  He's either a complete beast or he just falls asleep while eating. Poor stubborn fellow!
Here's a glimpse into Annie's ballet happiness. She's third from the left:
And here's a moment from our preschool mornings. The preschool has this great room by the front door, it's their early care room, and it's vacant during school hours. As a reward for his many minutes of quiet play in the corner while I'm leading the singing, I'll let Soren play in here a little while once we are through. It's sunny and warm and full of trains and toys: what more could this mother/son duo want?
Finally, a peek at our new {old} car. I've named it the teenie greenie. Who knew I was a namer of cars? This one must be extra special. 


Emily said…
Thanks for lending your big camera to your little (broke, college student) sister. You're the best! (:
wyomingmom said…
The picture of Soren is classic. I guess gods of thunder don't need as much rest or food as one might expect. Glad all is well with all of you.