Gramps comes to visit!

We were lucky enough to have my dad come and visit last week. Oh, we love our gramps/bampa/Walt. 
Living far away from the people we love the most is hard. We are thankful for Skype which allows us to see them fairly regularly, but it just can't compare with having them here in person. The kids couldn't get enough of my dad.  Zane played a hundred million games with gramps, and Annie stole him away for art and nature projects whenever he was out of Zane's grasp. 
And while they were at school, Soren took major advantage of having him ALL TO HIMSELF. Soren started the trip by calling him "bampa" but by the end it had switched to "GAPS!" They raced cars and danced with trucks (yes you heard that right) and went outside, read books and all the while I let out many sighs of relief and even snuck away often to finish an almost-due library book (Dang you Harry Potter 5 and all your pages!) (I've been trailing Z in his reading of them, but seriously 870 something pages? Good grief!). 
We spent a fair bit of time at Verizon, which was misery for the adults, but a dream come true for children, as seen below. 
All in all, what I appreciated most about having my dad here was the good conversation and thoughtfulness and the words of encouragement.  Oh, and the compliments AND the kindness. Can you see what I need in my life and how well my dad fills that need? He always has. Thanks for coming dad!


walt or jean said…
Loved every second!