Triangle Quilt

It is my grandma Bee's birthday today! Growing up, this was often the time she and my Grandpa would come to visit my family in Tucson; therefore we spent many birthday weeks together. Don't tell my cousins, but I always thought this was an indication that I was in fact her favorite grandchild. :) I'm pretty sure every one of us felt that way, but I had proof!
Anyway, today in Bee's honor I'm sharing my latest sewing creation: the triangle quilt!
I had most of the fabric for this quilt for awhile, but couldn't decide on a design (that's the hardest part for me! Besides the sewing and quilting!). Glorious Cami and family came for Thanksgiving, and just like I'd hoped, she had a solution in about 5 minutes, in the form of a saved online blog/picture. Equilateral triangles, and she had even randomly brought along a plastic triangle ruler! Cami, bless you! 
We went with a completely random pattern for the triangles, and with help from Cami's stash, added a few greens to my PINKY pink quilt. When it came time to quilt it together, I continued in the spirit of "random" and only quilted a triangle every now and then. (Below is a clearer picture of that randomness, taken before the entire binding was sewn on, but when there was good light outside!)
And here's the back! I used up my extra color triangles, then took two prints from the front to finish it off.
 And in the magic of later-blogging, here is a picture of the embroidered description, put in the upper right hand corner of the pink up there and photographed the next morning.
 I gave myself a pretty crazy deadline for this quilt, going from separate triangles on my design wall to a finished quilt in about 3 1/2 days. Too quick, but now it's been given to its new owner and I can move on with the rest of December!
I'm so thankful for my grandma Bee, who lived every moment of her life to the fullest! Sewing was just of the talents she explored and developed every day. I'm grateful for her shining example in my own life.


walt or jean said…
You have a lot of Grandma Bee in you Michelle, She would be very touched by your words and so proud of you. So are we.