Thanksgiving Visitors

We had Brad, Cami, and kids come for Thanksgiving this year, and we had a fabulous time together! It's all a happy blur now of course, 6 weeks later or so, but what I remember most is how they took what was going to be a quiet, "meh," (dare I say ordinary) week (we continue to be ourselves after all) and transformed it (with GREAT food on multiple occasions, playmates for my kids large {husband} and small, and happy sewing/life conversations for me) into something memorable and fun. Sigh. Oh yeah, and for one afternoon, there were great pictures taken too. Three cheers for Cami!
We went to this place called Issaqueena Falls, about 45 minutes northwest of us, right at the base of the Blue Ridge Mtns (at least I think! You know me, geography scholar!). 
It was a chilly-but-beautiful day, and after capturing the kiddos mid-adventure, Cami suggested we all get together for a family shot. I had on my sneakers-with-neon-green-laces, and my fantastic friend even let me scoot into her shoes for the few minutes we shot. I know you're all sorry I didn't keep the originals on, but wow am I so thankful for Cami!
 I think all that magical light just follows Cami around sometimes, yelling, "Capture this Cami! Over here, over here!" Maybe it follows the rest of us around too, but Cami seems to be one of the special people in my life who watches for it, then takes the opportunity to snatch it up just so: a wondrous gift, and I'm so thankful for her. 
Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and everything in between.