Thanksgiving Outtakes

Okay, now that you've seen the beauty of Thanksgiving through Cami's lens, here are some real-life outtakes. First, the name cards, thanks to the kids. This is where we learned Annie had invited "Branbo" to dinner.
The girls wouldn't let Jack help with the rest of the cards, so he had to make multiple for himself.
Oh the food. Four kinds of salmon, homemade foccacia bread, salad with candied nuts and homemade dressing, sweet potato crunch that actually rivaled Smokin Pig's, pineapple (my only contribution), and broccoli for the littles. Oh, and pumpkin bars and homemade cranberry apple pie. Deliciousness.
 Activities in the days after Thanksgiving included quilt making, a little bit of hiking, and some chocolate-making. Oh! And some dish doing by the men. We had to document.
As you can see, Soren really got into this last activity. At first he painted his chocolate into his molds like a good soldier; then, he decided to try a little taste, and, well, you can imagine the rest.  
I fear we're toast on ever painting with real paints in the future, but let's face it, totally worth it.


alliehoopes said…
your menu sounds like the food network and I love it