So the night before my birthday, Brandon and I watched "The Giver" and were just heading upstairs when there was a knock at the door. It was late! Who was knocking on our door? I made Brandon answer the door and he said, "Well hello there!" Then who should walk into my little house but my own St. Nicholas. AHHH!!! I did one of those gallops little kids do with the pretend horses and when I reached him, I squeezed the poor fellow for dear life. I just love this boy.
We had just chatted on the phone hours earlier while Soren was in the bath! I'd taken the picture below because I was feeling sad that we wouldn't be seeing him any time soon.
But there he was, and he stayed the whole weekend. It made my birthday special, the same way our friends' visit at Thanksgiving had. Turns out, I need people. I don't need things so much. Just people.
 We took Nick to Lake Keowee on Saturday. It was a beautiful day, clear skies, deserted park. Apparently South Carolinians only frequent the lake in the summertime. Sillies.
 Of course, he had to leave at the end of the weekend, and we had to face the last week of school (including my happy little preschool Christmas music program, which I won't photograph here out of respect for all the little ones' privacy). But I felt buoyed up, ready to finish off the insanity. Thanks again for coming Nick, you are so dear to all of us. Even if you put up videos of you and me singing Amy Grant Christmas songs on Facebook without telling me. :)