First days of December

December whirled by, didn't it? We started with a lack luster parade downtown (Z walked with the CAT swim team) on the first thursday of the month. It also marked the last day I tried wearing flip flops.
As you can see, the other half of my family was dressed a bit more appropriately.
 After the parade, our next activity was the girls choir concert. I started up a girls choir earlier this fall, similar to our Iona children's choir from Idaho, but a little more on my terms this time, so it was much more enjoyable. We held our concert in the home of one of the girls, with a beautiful tree as our backdrop. See the handbells in the lower right corner of the picture below? Zane accompanied us. Be still my heart.
After the concert, I opened a card/drawing from one of the girls:
The words said something like, "Dear Michelle, I hope you get lots of presents for Christmas. Christmas isn't about presents, it's about JESUS!" Right!
Another amazing highlight of early December was a package I received from my parents, containing the glorious painting shown below. Annie wanted me to take a picture of her gingerbread house, so I had her stand right at the correct angle. My camera phone makes my walls look dreadful, the the beauty of the painting still shines through. Thanks again dad!
 I found this paper in Annie's school bag sometime mid-month. I was glad to see I at least made the list of things she was grateful for:
 Also mid-month: well-child checkups and chik-fil-a bribes to make up for it.
 Next up: more of Nick's surprise visit!