Christmas Quilt

I made one more quilt this fall. 
 It was the biggest quilt I've finished, about 64" square.
 Half-square triangles, playing with light and dark values, breaking "rules" to create that blue diamond.
 I hand quilted the negative space, and actually thought the hand quilting might never end. But it did, and I was very happy with it.
I love it when it's all folded up. 
 I gave this quilt to a woman who's helped me and many other families this whole year through. She's worked with many children throughout the years, and I couldn't help but think that child by child, much like the square-by-square of this quilt, she'd created something quite beautiful. When I gave it to her on Christmas Eve, she told me she'd never had a real quilt before. I loved the thought that this was a "real" quilt.
Next up: Christmas!


alliehoopes said…
there are no words.