Christmas 2014

First of all, Soren got a haircut a few days before Christmas. By his mother. Ouch. Sometimes it looks fine and other times, well, let's just say I should stick to my day job. Anyway, if during these next months you wonder what's going on with this sweet boy's noggin, now you know. Onward!
Christmas morning was spent at home, with just the five of us. The kids let us sleep until 8ish, then we opened presents and ate breakfast together. Not too much order to my next photos, and you'll see I gave up rather quickly into it and instead enjoyed the moment, but for now, who doesn't love Annie's pjs?
I got a fantastic pop-up flash from a dear friend for my birthday, but don't worry, it didn't negate my usual ineptness (ie blurry subject matter, crystal clear background, etc. at least you get another glimpse of the pjs!)
 Among other things, Soren got a bike helmet. He wore it outside with his bike for about 5 minutes, then chased the cat in the neighbor's yard for another 30, all with helmet-in-place. See "where's Waldo?"-like picture for evidence below.
 Happy Christmas morning chaos picture:
 For breakfast we had sausage and eggs on *ahem* homemade biscuits. Cut into Christmas trees. Believe it. And pineapple, because that's our thing. (Looking at the pictures, I'm really hoping we ate something green later in the day.) 
We listened to Fred Child do a special Christmas "Performance Today" on npr, and all was right in the world.
 Merry Christmas, all you people I love! And as of 19 minutes from now, happy new year too!


alliehoopes said…
don't mind me if another similar comment pops into existence. I don't know where it went. but the christmas tree biscuits bring me joy and also your house is on my vacation to do list.
Ginger said…
I love Performance Today!