Thankful Tree 2014

While Ann Marie and Lindsey were here, we busted out our once-a-year-bonafide-fhe-craft-activity: the thankful tree! As you will hopefully be able to read (I've zoomed in for the second picture), there were many leaves and diverse perspectives to add to our 'whole' this year. 
My favorites of course are our 1st grader's, especially once she got impatient and stopped asking how to spell things first. "Eath," "my tow brothers," "scoohll," etc. And I love that she spoke for Soren with "Persy" and "Tomis." Why do we ever learn to spell again?
The iffy one this year was only in its presentation: Brandon's "CPAP" is truly one of the best blessings of 2014 (no more snoring! supposedly better sleep too, but who cares? NO MORE SNORING!) but it looks a bit like what we're still trying to replace with DEENA. Adding "machine" didn't help.
We really had the loveliest time with these two ladies. Thanks so much for coming, and for working it so you could see our kids shine in their various activities. We love you!
By the way, who were those crazies who hijacked my blog Sunday night? 


walt or jean said…
Glad you got your blog back! Hurrah for CPAP.

alliehoopes said…
I've gotta use the word, sorry. Because I laughed out loud at the uppercase crap machine. And I think I figured out that someone is thankful for legendary composers but at first I thought "they're thankful for tchotchkes??
alliehoopes said…
And now I'm not so sure. You should clarify.
ash said…
Publix! Concrete! Like Minded Friends! Sleap!

And I'm going to pretend that the bright pink one on the far left says "Trips to Utah to visit A̶s̶h̶l̶e̶y̶ my family" or "New York City mom vacations"
Jenneka said…
I have always loved your thankful tree - such a good tradition. Please don't ever let a year slip by without doing it - even when the kids are teenagers and act like it is the WORST... don't give it up, it is simply too precious. I love, love your family and one thing I would put on my tree is: I am thankful for a friend whose blog reminds me to be thankful!