Sunday Evening Stroll

Let's face it, when I say, "Let's go for a family walk!" what I really mean is, "I want to take pictures of you all in nature." No wonder my family groans collectively! Luckily, I had the grandma-and-Lindsey card to play this last Sunday evening. No one had a chance at refusal.
The older two got on their bikes and we admit we hardly saw them. Lucky ducks got out of most of the documenting. Pretty trees/leaves, Soren, and Grandma/Lindsey were not so lucky.
 Oh look! There those big kids are.......way up there on their bikes. Bike speed is not the same as Soren speed.
I have a few favorite trees in town. Trees I drive out of my way to see every day. This is one of them.
 Slowly, slowly, sloooowwly we made our way home and most of us found our way inside. Soren hadn't quite had enough yet, so Grandma and Brandon sat on the porch, watching both him and the glorious dusk for just a little longer.
Some might cringe at the sight of mom's camera, but I think it's worth it. Happy evening to all.


walt or jean said…
Absolutely beautiful!