Pre-visit walk

We went on a stroll last night with Lindsey and grandma, but before I post pictures of that, I have to post these of a walk we took last week, for comparison. It looks different every day now, as the leaves continue to fall.
But I'm getting ahead of myself. First, the hydrangeas. I didn't learn my lesson last year, and again this year, I failed them. I didn't cover them as I should have one almost-freezing night, and now, they'll never be the same.
 Poor, half-alive-half-dead hydrangeas. Hopefully next fall I will have a "3rd times the charm" experience, and I will cover them properly, right after Halloween!
Now, on to the walk. Annie wanted to ride her new bike, which meant she did many circles around us as we ran, then walked, then strolled, then wondered down the street and around the corner and back. 


ash said…
Thanks for the pictures--it feels like I'm right there! Gorgeous Clemson (and Rosses) I miss you!
walt or jean said…
We are go glad you share these wonderful moments. Your eye for beauty is obvious. Thanks for composing these beautiful pictures. We love you.