Halloween 2014

Oh Halloween, here you come again! This year, we used costumes out of our own drawers/dress-up buckets. As we were rummaging through our stash on the afternoon of the 30th, Zane asked, "Mom, can we maybe not procrastinate Halloween next year?" Caught!
Soren's costume was totally awesome, though. It's a Grama-Bee-made-for-Jon-Stone-35+years-ago classic, and it was a perfect fit! Score!
 Zane was a soccer player (although for school he dressed up as Robert LaSalle, thank you Farmers for the french beret a few years ago!) and Annie was Pete the Cat (if you could see her shoes, you'd understand it when I say, "She loves her PINK SHOES! She loves her PINK SHOES! etc.). And there was a headlamp too. Everyone was happy for pictures....
 Then Soren watched as the oldest two set off with their Pops.
 That's when the screaming commenced. Super sobs from our Super Soren!
 So I gave in, and we took him next door for his first (and only) trick-or-treating house of the year.
Um, yes, that scary fellow with him is his pops. The blue wig lives on.
Happy Halloween!


ash said…
Happy Halloween, Ross Family! I'm so happy Soren trick-or-treated this year on what is obviously one of my most favorite holidays. Way to pull it all out of the box this year, don't call it procrastination--it's definitely inventiveness!